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6 Things That Have Helped My Productivity...

6 Things That Have Helped My Productivity...

Regular readers will know that I am no paragon of productivity - there are times when I struggle to get stuff done, and I am forever in search of more productive routines.

However, I am in the middle of a purple-patch of getting things done, and these are the 6 things that seem to have helped the most :-

1. Extra external motivation (in my case ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins)

2. Simplifying my goals (focusing more on the short-term steps rather than the long-term vision)

3. Getting an Accountability Partner (mutually helping and challenging each other when productivity dips)

4. Daily journaling, planning and review (working out the day’s critical tasks, and reviewing how I got on)

5. Setting realistic expectations of the day (how much time do I really have ?)

6. Tracking my time (examining where I REALLY spend my time, not just where I think I do).

Like I said, I am no master, and I always have room to learn, but these are the 6 things that have really made a positive difference over the last few months….

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