Be More Simon...

David Round
Be More Simon...
A handwritten page inside an open notebook

A couple of years ago I had a problem with a ‘missing’ tax return, and HMRC were sending me penalty notices. So I phoned them.

The chap I spoke to threw dates and information at me in full knowledge that I was struggling to grasp the situation. He ended the call by threatening me that unless I sorted ‘it’ immediately, more penalties would follow.

I was seriously concerned, but as I looked at my notes from the call something just didn’t make sense. So I phoned the tax office again.

This time I spoke to Simon. Simon listened to my problem and investigated. He helped me to understand what was ‘missing’, why it might have happened, and even gave me the wording I needed to write in a letter to HMRC to get the issue resolved. He ended the call by asking me if I understood, and if there was anything else I needed.

Sometimes we are presented with a choice - do enough or do more. When that happens, be Simon.

Always be Simon…

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