Business Building Formula...

David Round
Business Building Formula...
Business Building Formula...

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that it is 5 years since I sold my first notebook online, and I have been reflecting on how I managed to build a business in an area I knew nothing about, and I think it comes down to a simple formula :


(Re + As + Le + Ad + Pe + Se)2


Research = Serious time with Google, exploring the subject and understanding the common terms.

Ask = Finding people who know more than you, and respectfully asking them for help. (Note : Asking without any attempt to research is NOT respectful).

Learn = Listen and gratefully to what people tell you, and do further research with this new knowledge.

Add = The special ingredient, the unique experience and ideas that YOU bring to theg subject.

Perseverance = IT TAKES TIME. Years if you want to do things right and build a solid foundation.

Service = Be incredibly grateful to anyone who shows an interest in what you do, and do everything you can to meet (or exceed) their needs, even if it means sending them elsewhere.

2 = You don’t do it once, you do it every day.


It’s simple really. Simple, but not easy…

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