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Change is simple... but not easy

in Goals

Change is simple... but not easy

Making a change, fixing a problem or starting something new is really simple - we just need to :

1. Set a Goal
2. Make a Plan
3. Take Action.

See… simple.

Simple, but not easy.

We rarely struggle with setting the goal, and making the plan can be relatively straightforward too - we either already know how, or we can easily find out - but it’s the gap between 2 and 3 where we usually fall down, because we see how far we have to go, and we lose our nerve and let fear take over.

But if we look back 5 years, there are lots of areas where the gap between now and then is huge, and we managed that, didn’t we ?

And how did we do it ?

We did it one day, and one tiny step at a time, that’s how…

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