Default Daily Plans...

David Round
Default Daily Plans...

Default Daily Plan...

In a few days the kids will go back to school, and so the opportunity to return to a more structured daily routine is tantalisingly close - the summer has been an opportunity to experiment with new and refined habits, routines, and planning methods, and now I can settle on a structure for the rest of the year…

5:30am - Get Up, Meditate, Write Affirmations
6:00am - Exercise, Learning & Intentional Journaling
7:15am - Shower, Breakfast, Family Time
8:15am - Start Work
6:00pm - Close the Day
6:15pm - Family time, Dinner, Fun, Chores, Relaxing
10:00pm (ish) - Bedtime

Obviously this is a perfect day, and there will be plenty of days when this routine will be laughingly unrealistic but having a daily plan has helped me in the past, and I know will help me again.

Do you have a default daily plan ? And if not, what difference could it make to you…?

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