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Dreams vs Goals

Original Post

Starting my business I had both goals and dreams - practical goals built on performance with honour, and helping and inspiring others, and dreams which were more material, the rewards of building something BIG.

But my dreams got in the way of my goals - I started making decisions with one eye on my dreams, rather than focusing on the hard work needed to achieve my goals.

Fortunately I caught myself in time and put a plan in place to return my focus to my goals and incidentally I feel much happier.

So, that thing that you can’t stop thinking about - is it a dream or a goal…?

Further Thoughts

Dreams can be seductive - fantasies of how life could be if luck were on our side.

But the problem with fantasies is that they never come true, and the effort and resources we waste on them do little more than distract us from the job in hand.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we have to park all of our dreams - after all, our goals have to be rooted in some future state that we think is better than this one in order to give us the enthusiasm to make the changes we need - but it’s the ‘if-I-could-just’ fantasies (win the lottery, get a massive pay rise, quadruple sales overnight) that can do more harm than good.

Why ? Because they distract us from the hard work that we need to do now, and they seduce us into making decisions and taking actions in the hope of the big payoff.

No - properly planned goals are what we need, along with core values that we work to develop, daily routines that help us to grow and hard work that keeps our momentum moving forward.

Long-term goals are sometimes not as sexy as our wildest dreams, but at least they are in our power to achieve…

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