Everyone's A Winner....

David Round
Everyone's A Winner....
Everyone's A Winner...

Happiness Bingo - Everyone’s a Winner…

1. Smile at a stranger
2. Give an unexpected compliment
3. Random Act of Kindness
4. Blow a loved one a kiss
5. Breathe
6. Walk around the block
7. Laugh until you snort
8. Express gratitude
9. Say ‘I love You’
10. Pay for the next person’s coffee
11. Gift your favourite book
12. Listen
13. Offer to help
14. Tidy up after yourself
15. Hold open a door
16. Make eye contact
17. Give encouragement
18. Let the other person go first
19. Phone a parent
20. Leave a positive review
21. Savour a meal
22. Give the benefit of the doubt
23. Donate to charity
24. Let go
25. Talk to a Neighbour

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