How to achieve your goals...

David Round
How to achieve your goals...

How to achieve your goals...

This morning I was thinking about how to achieve my goals, specifically what are the detailed actions I need to take to make them happen.

And I’ll be honest, I felt at a bit of a loss as to what to do next, so I decided I needed to read a book on the subject to tell me what to do.

But the strange thing was, many of the books that were being suggested for ‘books about achieving your goals’ are already read, annotated and sitting on my shelf !

And then it struck me. I already know how to achieve my goals, I was just putting off doing the hard work - procrastinating through ‘learning’ (which is slightly better than procrastinating by watching cat videos, but is still procrastinating).

So I picked my biggest goal of 2019, and I started making a list of how to do it, and when I have finished this post, I’ll start doing it.

I’ll bet YOU know how to achieve YOUR goals too, don’t you…?

p.s. The notebook on the left is my personal A5 Black & Kingfisher, which is 3½ years old and has lived a VERY hard life, but is where I do all of my goal work.

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