David Round


For the past week or so, I have managed to achieve a state of hyper-productivity - completing task after task, and staying incredibly focussed on the work at hand. And I understand why - the key ingredients for such a state :

- A compelling reason
- An immovable deadline
- A number of ‘flow-state’ tasks, and
- A rewarding payoff

have come together in a perfect storm of productivity.

Will it last ? Unlikely.

Could I reproduce it ? Possibly

Do I wish I could do this every day ? Strangely, no.

You see when you’re ‘in the zone’, you miss too much of what’s going on outside the zone, and that’s where life happens - the weird, interesting, challenging, beautiful, and connecting stuff that makes life interesting.

Hyper-productivity, then, is like a beautiful holiday resort - a great place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there…

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