It Could Be Worse...

David Round
It Could Be Worse...

It Could Be Worse...

This morning I was reading about the Stoic practice of negative visualisation - imagining the things we value most are lost so that we can appreciate them more fully now. It’s pretty deep and sobering stuff, and slow reading, as I examined my life and my attitudes to the relationships, possessions and experiences that I have.

And then I read this :

“Consider the person who has been reduced to the possession of a loincloth. His circumstances could be worse: He could lose the loincloth” - William Irvine

And I laughed.

And I kept on laughing as the absurdity of that situation sank in, and I imagined how I would feel if it happened to me, hands clasped protectively, wondering exactly what to do next….

Right now, some things seem bad, and some things are ridiculous, but never forget that it could be worse - you could lose your loincloth….

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