Lessons from a smiling dog...

David Round
Lessons from a smiling dog...

Lessons from a smiling dog...

Sometimes, when I’m out on my morning walk, I see a young couple out running with their dog.

They are ALWAYS smiling, and we always exchange a cheery “Morning !”, even though they are running faster than I could drive.

Even this morning, when it was so wet that ducks were wearing raincoats, they were still smiling.

I swear their dog smiles too.

And every time I see them, my own mood is immediately improved - I up my own pace just a little, and my mind invariably wanders towards the things I am grateful for.

Oh, and I smile a little wider at everyone else I pass on my way home too.

The thing is, I realised this morning that I could do all of those things every morning, whether I see the smiley couple and their smiley dog or not….

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