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Mind The Gap...

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There is a gap between where my business is today, and where I want it to be in 5 years. There is a gap between the work I do each day and the work I NEED to do each day. There is a gap between the drawing in my head and the drawing that appears on this page. There is a gap between where I want or need everything in my life to be and where it is now. Whether the gap is a few millimetres or slightly wider than the Grand Canyon, the first step to closing it is to acknowledge that it exists….

Further Thoughts

There are supposed to be lots of gaps between where we are now and where we would like to be - without gaps there would be no challenges, no areas of our lives where we could grow and develop, and no dreams to pull us forward.

The first thing we need to do is a gap analysis - working out which are the most important gaps, and how wide they are. Take my business for example - I have a clear picture of where I want it to be in 5 years, and I have an equally clear picture of where it is now. Therefore, I know the size of the gap (it’s pretty big) and I can (and have) work out the actions I need to take to close it, and I also know what I need to change about myself (my fear of failure) to make it all happen. It’s the same with my health, and the relationship I want to develop with my kids - by analysing the gap I can work out the actions I need to take, and what I have to change about myself to make them happen.

I’m not suggesting it’s easy to make the necessary personal changes, and in some cases I’m still not entirely sure how I make them, but at least knowing WHAT they are allows me to focus my attention (and subconscious) on looking for solutions.

Of course you can’t close every gap, and some gaps are so small that the effort required to close them outweighs the benefits we’d get from trying to close them a little more - but that’s the choice we get to make.

So, which are the gaps that you would like to close, and, just as importantly, what do you need to do to close them…?

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