My (Current) Core Principles...

David Round
My (Current) Core Principles...

My (Current) Core Principles...

Yesterday I wrote about Core Principles, and I promised to share my own, so here they are :

1. Family First
2. Live With Intention
3. Build Powerful Daily Habits
4. Lean, Fit And Healthy
5. Do The Right Thing
6. Fulfil Your Potential
7. Be Courageous
8. Model What you Can, Create What You Can’t
9. Writing Helps
10. Be An Inspiration
11. Share The Journey
12. Fun, Freedom & Flexibility
13. Because Other People Won’t
14. Do Less, Better

I think they are pretty self-explanatory, but I’m happy to explain any of them, and tomorrow, with help from Winnie The Pooh, I’ll reflect on why they matter…

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