Personal Ideas...

David Round
Personal Ideas...

Personal Ideas....

For some time I have wanted to build my A6 notebook into a commonplace book, full of useful information and learning, but I’ve never managed to make the habit stick - then this morning I had a new idea of how to do it, and I think this one might work….

This post isn’t about that idea (I want to give it a try and define it properly before I share it with you) - it’s actually about the way ideas get created.

You see this one was a combination of some Stephen Covey wisdom that I read a long time ago, a generous person sharing their own method with me last Sunday, my own love of personal habit streaks, a physical thing (our 100 Day packs), an understanding of how habits build, and a recent conversation about tomatoes and kitchen-timers (i.e. the Pomodoro technique :-) ).

Like Mark Twain said, there are no new ideas, but I do think there are new new PERSONAL IDEAS - where we take other, seemingly random ideas, and link them together to make something that works for us.

I bet you have these ideas all the time - why not try putting one of them into action…?

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