Pushing a snowball up a hill...

David Round
Pushing a snowball up a hill...
Pushing a snowball up a hill...

Sometimes, building your own business can feel like trying to push a snowball up a hill (as opposed to corporate life, which felt like being chased downhill by a boulder).

When you start, the snowball is small and easy to push, and progress feels quick.

But as the business grows, the snowball gets bigger. The hill seems steeper than before. You worry that if you stand still too long, your snowball will melt. Forward momentum seems to slow, and all you can think about is how hard the climb has become.

That’s why it’s important to pause once in a while - not long enough for anything to melt, but enough time to look back down the hill, to see how far you’ve climbed, and how big your snowball really is.

Before getting back to the climb.

After all, that snowman at the top of the hill isn’t going to build itself….

(p.s. I know it’s the middle of summer, but pushing a beachball up a hill didn’t seem to make the same point…)

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