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Real Age vs. Official Age...

Original Post

I have two ages.

My official age is 50 - that’s the age on my driving licence, and it is backed up by a beard that is turning whiter by the day - but my real age is 25 - that’s the age I am in my head, an age when everything was still possible, and my belief in my abilities was at it’s peak.

Sure there is a physical discrepancy between the two (and my body loves to remind me of that from time to time), but I don’t let that get in the way of what I’m trying to achieve.

We all get to choose our real age - I have chosen mine, have you chosen yours…?

Further thoughts

Interestingly, my real age is lower now than it was a few years ago.

You see, throughout my corporate career, my official age and my real age were pretty much in sync; I suppose that’s something that comes with responsibility - you believe that you have to ‘act your age’.

But, once I started training for triathlons, my real age became frozen around 40, as I realised that physically I was getting stronger and stronger.

Once I left my corporate career, my real age started going backwards - first into my early 30’s, as the weight of my stressful responsibilities started to lift and I began to see the potential of my new life, and then more recently into my mid-20’s, as I have come to realise the potential that the world has to offer and how age is no barrier to what we want to achieve.

I doubt I will get any younger (and I’m thankful for that - I could be a bit of an arse when I was 20), but I plan to remain at 25 for a good few decades to come.

In this time of possibility, our age is just a number - and you get to pick yours….

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