Sacrificing Our Work To Our Fears...

David Round
Sacrificing Our Work To Our Fears...
Sacrificing Our Work To Our Fear...

In his awesome book ‘The Practice’, Seth Godin lists 45 ways we sacrifice our work to our fears.

Reading through the list, I’m pretty confident that I’ve used most of them at one time or another as a way to avoid the important work (although the good news is that there are some in there that I abandoned 6 years ago when I left the corporate world behind).

The beauty of a list like this is that it shows us that not only are we not alone in our fears, but when we can find our specific excuse on a generic list in a book, it shines a light on another of the shadowy places we’ve been using to hide.

The world needs our challenging, creative, difficult and important work to be done.

No excuses.

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