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The maps of life....

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As you get older, I think you start to get better at reading the map of life.

That doesn’t mean that if you are young you are going the wrong way - far from it, some of those early detours can lead to memories that will last a lifetime - it just means that time and experience help you to understand where you need to go, and help you to navigate the best way to get there.

So, are you using your map for direction, or are you still trying to work out how to fold it the right way….?

Further Thoughts

Sometimes there are analogies that work well on so many different levels.

Take this one on maps.

For the first 20-30 years of my life, we had no such thing as Google Maps, or even the ability to look them up on the internet- we had to make do with a road atlas in the boot of the car, or a paper map so large and complicated that folding it to a usable size involved the Origami skills of a grand master.

So, when you were setting out on your life, trying to plot a course to happiness and success, you only had the pre-printed atlases and paper maps that had already been produced - some of them handed down from parent to child, others picked up at petrol stations along the way. If a new route or road was built, the only way you would know about it would be if you happened to own a relatively new map, or stumbled across a new road sign on your journey.

These days, maps are updated instantaneously - when someone builds a new route, it’s there for all to see. We can ask our phone for a new way to get from A to B, and can even see, highlighted in dark red, where all the holdups are, and plan a different way around.

Yes, maps are better today than they ever were before, but interestingly, they can only really help us if we know exactly where we are right now….

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