Trust & Patience

David Round
Trust & Patience
Trust & Patience...

Last year we had the two trees in our garden cut back - they had grown too tall, and I was permanently worried about the damage if they fell. The tree-guy said that they needed to be cut back a lot, and we trusted his experience, but all through the winter, as we looked at the almost-stumps in the corner of the garden, we worried that we had made a big mistake.

Spring came, and one tree started spouting leaves right on cue, but the other, our favourite, stood bare. Weeks turned into a month and still no sign of anything.

And then, a few weeks ago, buds appeared, and now I’m sitting writing this page looking at its beautiful red leaves - less than normal, but enough to know that in the long-term, it’s going to be okay.

Trust and patience.

It’s going to be okay in the end….

Our tree...
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