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What do you get to do today....?

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Original Post

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and a guest talked about changing our thoughts from “I HAVE to” to “I GET to”, and that idea really resonated with me - changing one word in a phrase we use all the time can put a very different perspective onto our lives.

So today, instead of having to do some work, having to exercise and having to record a YouTube video, I get to plan my workload, I get to enjoy a lovely walk, and I get to improve my video creation skills.

What do you get to do today….?

Further Reflection

Having the right mindset really makes all the difference to how your day will go - on the day that I wrote this, the 'I get to' idea really helped me to be more productive and more positive.

We all have a choice in how we handle the day - some days are pretty fixed, others can be rescheduled on a whim - but we can always exert a level of control on the day with our mindset; you get choose to resent the things that you have to do, or you get look at every situation as a learning experience.

The choice is yours....

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