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What is a Journal...?

What is a Journal ?

A journal is a place that responds immediately to the words that we write. A safe place where we can explore the ideas that could change our lives. A place where we can question the assumptions we make about ourselves, and where the questions we have are as important as the answers we give. It is a place where we cannot hide, where the answers we give must be true. It is a place that is real, not imaginary, but where the imaginary can create the real. It is a place where the world can be reduced to a more manageable size, small enough to examine, but big enough to hold everything that we are. It is a place that we can practice being who we really want to be, without fear of failure, judgement or harm. It is a place where we can remember the past, express gratitude for the present and plan for the future. It is a world of our own.

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