Why I Write...

David Round
Why I Write...
Why I Write...

I was thinking about why I write, and it came down to 4 main reasons :

1. To remember things - notes from books and meetings, and what I need to do today (or tomorrow, or the day after that);
2. To find out what I’m really thinking - writing in my private journal seems to create a direct connection to my brain, and I find myself understanding things that I didn’t even know I was thinking;
3. To plan for the future - goals, dreams, plans; whenever I want to make a change, or figure our how to get from here to there, I always start with a pen and paper;
4. To share my thoughts with you - to get you to think about something differently, maybe even to inspire you, and to share what I have learned in the hope that it helps you just a little.

That’s why I write. Why do you…?

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