Why vs What..

David Round
Why vs What..

Why vs What...

According to Heidi Grant Halvorson, successfully achieving goals is about the WHY or the WHAT.

When we know how to achieve the goal, but are struggling to find the motivation to do it (e.g. losing weight, getting fit), then focusing on WHY we are doing it, and the end results we will gain, gives us a greater chance of success.

When the goal is particularly complicated, difficult or unfamiliar, we need to focus on the WHAT - the practical steps we need to take or knowledge we need to learn, broken down into their smallest possible actions.

And it makes sense - when I look back at my own goals, the ones I achieved had the right approach combined with the right type of goal.

Does it make sense to you too ?

And if it does, could it help you to move forward again….?

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