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Book Review - Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

There are a small number of books that I can quite confidently say have changed my life, and this little book is one of them. 

OK, so we're not talking about a total paradigm shift in my perception of life or reality, but it is fair to say that this book has helped me a great deal in realising why I am running my business, and how I should be setting my goals.

For those who don't know, Derek built the company CD Baby from zero to almost $4million per month in sales, and built an e-commerce site before Paypal even existed.

Derek's views on building and running a business, delighting customers, and doing things that make you happy today rather than at some arbitrary point in the future are both refreshing and inspiring.

Admittedly it's a quick read (most people read it in under an hour), but that just means that it is easy to dip into, and easy to pick up again - I loved it so much that I read it twice in the first week.

If you are thinking of building a business, or are already on your entrepreneurial journey, I would highly recommend that you give this book a go - even if you disagree with Derek's approach, you cannot disagree with the fact that he built a very successful company indeed...

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