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GUEST POST : Steve Morton

We all have a guilty secret? One we don’t like admitting to...

It starts almost by accident, you enter a store and it must be the aroma of new paper products, the way they are displayed or something that focuses your attention so strongly you can’t stop yourself.

Your eyes scan the products. Thoughts start to go through your head.

‘I didn’t know they did them in that size’

‘Oh that looks a nice colour’

‘What gorgeous paper’ as your finger tips glide over the smooth surface of the pages.

You flick through them noting various features. Then in a panic you have grabbed two or three and you are charging towards the cash desk before you change your mind. You stand there nervously whilst the cashier processes your purchases and you touch your card against the reader not really paying attention to the amount.

The deed is done you tuck the bag away in your messenger bag hoping you can sneak your new notebooks in to your office hoping no one notices.

You pull open your desk drawer and drop in your new notebook purchases. They join numerous other notebooks you purchased months ago…

They all lay there unused, but why?

You just can’t bring yourself to starting that new notebook or any of the notebooks you have been buying and hoarding.

What if you made a mistake on page 4, the whole book would be ruined?

Or if you do get past the ‘I don’t want to use it until I have something important enough’ the 80 page notebook you bought because you loved the pages, the rounded corners and the ribbon page marker only gets used for 14 pages and then the rest is blank and you can’t bring yourself to mixing projects in the one book…. that just will not do? 
You are sort of proud of your stack of notebooks, even if you find it difficult to ever start one.

BUT if your partner spots one of your prize collection and would like to use it, you become super defensive - ‘You can’t have that, I might need it…'

You probably won't ever use it, but that doesn't mean someone else gets it.

If any of the above sounds familiar…. there is a cure…

...and it's the William Hannah notebook.

They come in a large range of colours and in two popular sizes (A5 and A6)

They are available with a large selection of page formats: lined, grid, dot grid, blank sheets and other formats too.

The pages are removable, so if you do make a mistake then only that page needs to be replaced and rewritten.

The William Hannah leather notebooks use a disc binding system so the pages are removable you can archive your pages after your task/project is finished, no more blank pages in the back of the notebook.

You can run several tasks/projects concurrently in one notebook and separate them with dividers, but you still have the flexibility to add and move pages mid-project.

Oh did I mention… the paper quality is superb, so what ever your writing weapon of choice is within reason of course the paper will work just fine.

Because William Hannah leather notebooks chose some nice common ISO standard sizes you can easily make your own inserts too with a reasonably priced paper punch being the only additional tool you will need.

I’ve been using my two William Hannah notebooks for over a year now in the case of the A5 one and over 6 months for the A6 one. The A6 one goes everywhere with me, nice and compact. Whilst the A5 one gives me more page space for the long lists and my thoughts and ideas for some large projects I’m involved with.

Stop hoarding bound notebooks, and give a William Hannah leather notebook a try.

You won't regret it....

Steve Morton
Contributor and editor at Philofaxy
Long term user of ring bound organisers.
Podcaster on The Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse
Hoarder of notebooks!

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