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How to harness the power of why we do what we do [Video]

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As I was out on my walk in freezing temperatures this morning, I found myself giggling - not because of the extreme cold, but because I realised that I was doing something that 99% of people wouldn't be willing to do to keep their daily walking streak going. And that got me thinking about how we can harness the power of the little things that motivate us to make bigger personal changes, and so I recorded this video.

It was VERY cold (for here in the UK, anyway) and the wind was blowing, so sorry about the wind noise in places - I really was standing in a ditch trying to minimise the wind noise.

There may have been a gust of wind just as I was making my big point - if there was, I was recommending that if you want to make a big personal change, make sure you make a big long list of all of the little reasons, the incidental benefits that achieving the change will give you - it might just motivate you on the days when it's really cold....

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