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The contents of my Pencil Case....

Back when I was at school, pencil cases were for girls or swots, and boys made do with their blazer pockets. It was the early 80’s, and things were different back then…

Now, here we are *cough* years later, and I carry my pencil case everywhere with me now, because I never know when the urge to write will grab me, and when that happens, I would hate to have to use the wrong pen.

I know I’m not alone, especially in the stationery community, and in the interests of transparency, here’s my everyday pencil case carry.

Let’s start with my trusty TWSBIs - both are the Diamond 580 Clear model, one with a Fine nib, loaded with Diamine Onyx Black ink, and the other is a wider 1.1mm nib, loaded with my own mix of Diamine Red Dragon and Diamine Ox Blood inks. I love my TWSBIs, and I have written over 75,000 words with the Fine nib version.

Next are my pencils (and my eraser) - all of which are Stabilo Exam Grade. They are a relatively cheap pencil, but they are really hard working, and I find them great for drawing. I’m not sure if there is some mystery chemistry going on, but the Stabilo eraser is simply amazing at removing all trace of my pencil lines and drafts too.

I carry a Stainless Steel Parker Sonnet ballpoint. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of ballpoints or that particular pen, but sometimes you simply have to use a ballpoint, so that’s mine.

For some reason I carry a Rotring 600 mechanical pencil - although I rarely use it - it’s probably design related because I think it is a work of engineering excellence.

Because there are always times when we need to make a statement, I carry a couple of red fibre-tipped pens. The Staedler fineliner is mostly for financial stuff, and then the Sharpie gets used when I really want someone to notice what I have written.

The Maped compass isn’t used for poking people like they were back in my school days - I occasionally need it for circular drawing in my daily posts. It’s not brilliant, but it does the job, and can hold a variety of pens and pencils pretty firmly.

I’m not all analogue, so I always have a Kingston flash drive on hand, and the calculator-looking device is used for my on-line banking, although I increasingly use my phone for that stuff these days.

I bought the Hi Line ruler because it has a specially shaped edge that makes it useful for tearing paper, and which doubles as a great edge for drawing straight lines with ink.

Finally, I carry one of our notebook rings as a sort of good luck charm (and because I love the way they look and feel).

Of course, I should introduce the pencil case itself - it was a gift from my wife and and she found it on Etsy I believe - it is incredibly hard-working and I love it.

So there you go, that’s the contents of my pencil case; now if I could just fit it in my blazer pocket…..

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