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Undated Pocket Journal (Pack of 3 )



Many people understand the positive benefits of journaling but are unsure where to begin or how to build it into a regular habit. For others the challenge lies in incorporating journaling into their busy lives, or how to capture moments as they happen, rather than relying on their memory later.

So we created the Pocket Journal - a simple, structured approach to journaling that's small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to capture your memories, thoughts and inspirations as they happen.

Our Undated Pocket Journal pack contains three journals, each with enough pages to cover a single month of your life, but without pre-printed dates, so that you can carry on using the journal if you miss a day or two.

The 44 pages are designed to help you

- set and reflect on your goals for the month;
- plan and record your key tasks on a daily and weekly basis;
- keep track of your Daily Habits and happiness levels.

The structured journaling prompts help you to spot and record the key moments in your life, and over time the journals will build into an invaluable long-term library.

And there are plenty of notes pages too, for capturing private thoughts, big ideas or what you need from the store....and maybe take a look at our beautiful Pocket Notebook covers too - the perfect companion to our Pocket Journals.

What people have said