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William Hannah - papers / refills

Undated Daily Journaling Page (Free Download or 50 pack at cost)


Because daily journaling can be a useful way to maintain perspective and help us to make sense of our thoughts in difficult times, we are making this page layout available for you to as a free download to print at home, as an A5 page here, or as an A4 version (2xA5 on one A4 page) here.

Alternatively, if you don't have the facilities to print and/or punch at home, we will be happy to supply a 50 pack at cost - i.e. we will not make any profit in supplying these pages to you.

Note : In this version of the pack, the pages are not dated, and there is more space available for your thoughts. It can be supplied punched or unpunched (let us know in the special instructions during checkout if you want it unpunched).


This pack is built on 5 main principles:-

1. Meditation, Exercise and Learning, every day, delivers positive long-term benefits;

2. Reflecting on the positives in our lives makes us more positive as we move through our lives;

3. Our productive time each day is limited - when we focus on our goals, and set specific tasks to move us towards their completion, we are likely to achieve those goals sooner;

4. Writing Helps, and reflecting on our thoughts helps us to make sense of our world;

5. A daily closedown routine, where we hold ourselves accountable for how we spent the day, increases our likelihood of achieving our critical daily tasks.

If you would like to see a video of how I use this page, please see this Library post here.