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Undated Daily Journaling Page (A5)




Note : This is an undated version of our 50 Day Intention Pack, with more space for your thoughts, and is made a available at a lower cost, because at times we could all do with experiencing the benefits of daily journaling....


This pack is built on 5 main principles:-

1. Meditation, Exercise and Learning, every day, delivers positive long-term benefits;

2. Reflecting on the positives in our lives makes us more positive as we move through our lives;

3. Our productive time each day is limited - when we focus on our goals, and set specific tasks to move us towards their completion, we are likely to achieve those goals sooner;

4. Writing Helps, and reflecting on our thoughts helps us to make sense of our world;

5. A daily closedown routine, where we hold ourselves accountable for how we spent the day, increases our likelihood of achieving our critical daily tasks.

If you would like to see a video of how I use this page, please see this Library post here.