12 Things...

David Round
12 Things...

12 Things...

12 things that made me smile on my morning walk.

1. A group of excited schoolchildren setting-off early on a school trip.

2. A lady in a big fluffy coat taking her big fluffy dog for a walk.

3. A stuffed toy Tiger staring out of someones bedroom window at passers-by.

4. The ‘Frail Pedestrians’ road sign (that looks like they’re holding hands).

5. Daffodils everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE).

6. Name plaques on houses (and the feelings they represent).

7. The new housing development called ‘Buttercup Fields’.

8. Herrick Road (and the happy memories of dating my wife when she lived there).

9. The smiling walking lady (who I have walking the same route to work - and always smiling - for 20 years)

10. The house with loads of elephant stuff around its front door.

11. Distant views of the hills (and seeing them from a different perspective today).

12. Keeping this list in my head the whole way round…

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