Believe You Can....

David Round
Believe You Can....

Believe You Can...

On Sunday I set out to walk 10 miles at sub 13:30 min/mile pace. As usual I set out quickly so that as I slowed towards the end, my average pace would still be fine.

But, at mile 3, my walking app told me that I was doing sub 13:00 pace, and since the uphill part of the walk was over, I kept up my fast pace to see if I could do the whole walk at sub 13:00 minute pace. I did, and set a new Personal Best.

The thing is, that 3rd mile turned out to be an error - the app mis-reported my speed, making my average faster that it really was - but I didn’t know that, and encouraged by my ‘fast’ pace I pushed myself more than I normally would, and ended up with my fastest ever walk (even after I had corrected for the faulty mile).

The thing is, if you had asked me before I started I would have told you that I could never do a personal best on that walk because it would be way too hard.

Sometimes we just need to believe that we can, and then suddenly we find that we actually can….

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