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A, B or C...?


I have written before about the blank pack of cards I purchased, and on which I wrote 52 positive words or phrases, and how I sometimes use them to prime my day.

On Saturday morning I dealt out these three cards.

On Sunday I put them back in the pack, gave them all a good shuffle, and, I kid you not, dealt out exactly the same three cards.

This is could mean :

A. I’m terrible at shuffling cards
B. It was a just massive coincidence (1:17582760000 I think)
C. The universe is trying to tell me something.

It’s probably a mixture of A and B, but since it helped me make sense of something that had been on my mind for a while, I’m happy to believe it’s a bit of C too.

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter where the help comes from, so long as we recognise it when it does…

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