Brain Dump...

David Round
Brain Dump...
Brain Dump...

I’m a big believer in the idea that the way to make space in our brain is to write everything down - that until we get the thought, idea or task logged somewhere we trust, it will keep echoing around our head until it’s either done or forgotten. And while it’s still echoing around, we won’t have as much space as we’d like for the creative, playful, joyful stuff that we want more of in our lives.

Yes, I really believe in it.

I’m just not very good at doing it regularly.

But like most things, it gets easier with practice. Every time I dump my brain to paper, I get a little space. And when I use that space to do what I want to do more of, it removes a bit of resistance the next time I think about emptying my brain.

It’s rare that the things that are good for us are the easiest things to do, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep giving them a try….

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