Building positive habits...

David Round
Building positive habits...

When we came to pay at the supermarket this morning, we found the bank card of the previous customer still in the card reader - cue me sprinting (er, walking quickly) into action to find the lady before she left the car park (which I did)…. and once back with my family, my wife commented that there was my day’s good deed for my journal.

And there’s the interesting thing - I haven’t been recording my daily good deeds for over a year (I have other daily journaling prompts), but the habit I built of trying to perform a daily act of kindness has stayed with me.

So if there is a habit that you would like to build, maybe journaling about it daily can help you to build it - and even if you don’t manage perfection, you will still be brightening up a few days along the way….

p.s (the notebook is our Whiskey & Orange A5, the pen is a Kaweco Brass Sport with a fine nib, and the ink is Diamine Blaze Orange)

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