Finding Happiness...

David Round
Finding Happiness...

Finding Happiness...

Last Sunday I put up an extra bookshelf in my office, and it made me very happy.

So, why did I get so much joy from a simple task ?

1. I’m trying to make Sundays a non-business day, and so doing some simple DIY meant that I was achieving that goal.

2. The shelf had been sitting in the corner of my office for a few months, and finally fixing it meant that I have one less thing nagging at my brain.

3. I had run out of space for the books I have read and decided to keep (my personal library) - I like to have them at hand for reference, and I’ll admit I get a bit of joy from seeing how much reading and learning I’ve done.

Joy and happiness are where you find them, and can come from the simple everyday tasks just as much as the magical experiences.

Where could you find joy and happiness today…?


p.s. Here's the bookshelf (it's the top one)

The Bookshelves...

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