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Give it a try...

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Give it a try...

My corporate days would have been better (and probably happier and more fulfilling) if I had practiced a daily habit of reading, learning or meditation, BUT, if you had suggested I try them, I would have told you :

a. I don’t have time, and
b. That won’t do me any good.

You see, it’s only now, after a few years of daily practice that I can see what an amazing difference any one of them could have made.

We don’t know what we don’t know, and so we don’t know which habits could help us to live a happier life until we have given a few of them them a try…

So here’s a list of habits that might help - why not just pick one of them and give it a try…?

1. Gratitude Journaling - 3 things from the last 24 hours that you are grateful for

2. Meditation - 10 minutes of quiet time, and you can use an App to get you started

3. Reading - Fiction or Non-Fiction, you decide, but make the time every day

4. Podcasts/Audiobooks - explore new ideas on your commute or other ‘dead-time’

5. Walking - not just for the physical health benefits, time to learn or simply reflect

6. Intentional Planning - taking control of the day means it can’t take control of you

7. Success List - a list of things you did well shows you can when you think you can’t

8. 5 Random Acts of Kindness - making others happier makes you happier too

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