Hiding in plain sight...

David Round
Hiding in plain sight...

Hiding in plain sight...

Back in my corporate days, I thought work days were for work, evenings were for unwinding, and only weekends offered time for quiet reflection and learning.

I was wrong - there were plenty of opportunities to grow and learn throughout the week, I just didn’t realise that they were there.

The minimum of 10 hours driving to and from the office/clients/meetings each week ? Enough to listen to a complete audio book.

Lunchtimes ? An opportunity for a brisk 30 minute walk, maybe accompanied by a podcast.

The ‘networking’ meetings I avoided like the plague ? Chances to practice my listening skills, or even develop a few good relationships.

And my ‘training budget’ lay unused, just like everyone else's.

Strange isn’t it - all those years spent wishing my life was different, when all the time, the opportunities to make it so were hiding in plain sight….

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