Ideas We Can't Unlearn

David Round
Ideas We Can't Unlearn
A handwritten page inside an open notebook

I love the concept of ideas that we can’t unlearn.

After decades of thinking I could get by on just a few hours sleep, I read ‘Why We Sleep’ by Matthew Walker, and it forever changed my understanding of the importance of a good night’s sleep. I sometimes have to get by on a few hours, but now I know the harm it can do.

Or the concept of the Drama Triangle from Stephen Karpman, which fundamentally changed how I see my relationship with myself and others. I might still do things the way I always did, but now I have a greater understanding of why I do.

We all have things we’ve learnt and forgotten, and there are plenty of things we’d rather forget, but maybe the most important lessons of all are the lessons that we can never forget…

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