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Our Family's Reaction to a Cold...

Reactions to catching a cold

There is a nasty cold going around here - all four of us have had it (or are just starting it) and it follows the same pattern.

Now obviously we’re not here to blame Patient Zero - they weren’t to blame - but the symptoms/sympathy levels tell you a bit about the type of family we are :

Day 1 - Sore throat, otherwise OK - Sympathy level 1/10 - “You’ll be okay”
Day 2 - Sore throat, body aches everywhere - Sympathy level 2/10 - “Oh well”
Day 3 - Feel terrible, eyes/nose running - Sympathy level 6/10 - “Never mind. Take some medicine”
Day 4 - Feel even worse, eyes/nose running like a tap, cough starts - Sympathy level 5/10 - “You’re doing really well”
Day 5 - Feel a little better, sore nose, lots of coughing - Sympathy level 3/10 - “You’re getting better !”
Day 6 - Irregular coughing - Sympathy level 1/10 - “Are you still whining about that cold??”
Day 7 - Occasional coughing - Sympathy level -100/10 - “Will you stop that bloody coughing…”

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