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The Perils of Asking The Internet...

The Perils Of Asking The Internet...

Yesterday I asked the following question in a Facebook group about Supplier X’s products, after my research yielded no answers, and the supplier still hadn’t got back to my enquiry - “Does anyone know if Consumer-level product ‘Y’ and Business-level product ‘Y’ are the same, because the business version is way cheaper ?”

6 people generously tried to help :

- One told me the business version is cheaper.
- One said they are identical.
- One told me what ‘Y’ meant.
- One said the difference is ‘A’.
- One said the difference is ‘A’ and ‘B’
- One said they had asked the supplier, and the difference is ‘C’.

I suspect that the products are similar but different, but I’ll only know for sure when I can speak directly to the supplier (if they ever get back to me).

The two points of today’s post are :

1. If you have a business, answer your customer’s questions before they get the wrong answer from the internet;
2. Don’t rely on any answer from the internet to be 100% complete or correct*.

*And yes, that includes anything that I write too…

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