What is the point...?

David Round
What is the point...?

What is the point...?

What is the point of this post ?

That’s the question I ask myself every morning, not in my teenage-years’ ‘what’s the point of anything’ kind of way, but in a ‘what is the value I’m seeking to add to the person who reads it’ kind of way.

And that question should apply to pretty much everything that you or I do - when we this action, make that comment or spend time thinking those thoughts, what is the point, or put another way, what is the result we’re looking to achieve ?

Because when you know the why of what you’re doing, you can decide if this is the right way to do it, or whether you even want to do it at all….

(p.s. The point of all of these posts is to share an idea that makes you think, even for a moment. Please let me know when they don’t…)

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