Where Do You Do Your Work...?

David Round
Where Do You Do Your Work...?

Where Do You Do Your Work...?

I'm reading ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks, where he talks about four zones where we do our work :

The Zone of Incompetence - where we muddle through trying to do something that we could ask someone else to do in a fraction of the time (think most IT problems);

The Zone of Competence - where we are as good as most other people, but where we hide rather than pursue our real gifts;

The Zone of Excellence - where we are particularly skilled, and stronger than most, but which is still a place to hide, rather than step into our…

Zone of Genius - the place where we do the work that we were born to do.

Other than adding a fifth zone (The Zone of Necessity & Responsibility, where we have no choice but to do the work), I think it is a pretty interesting idea.

Of course, interesting ideas are all well and good, but they don’t get useful until we start to ask ourselves where the work we plan to do today would live…

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