Current Shipping Status

UK Orders

All processing and shipping normally.


International DHL/Express Orders

All processing and shipping normally.


International Postal Orders

You can't make this stuff up...

Just as things were getting back to normal after the Christmas/Strike backlogs, Royal Mail experienced a cyber attack at their International Mail Centre which prevented them from shipping International orders. Orders shipped between 9th-25th January 2023 have been subject to heavy delays whilst the issue was resolved, but that backlog should now have been largely cleared. Orders shipped from 26th January may be subject to minor delays, but we are very confident that you will eventually receive your order, and we will send every order via a tracked service where possible so that you can see progress. If you need your order more quickly, we recommend upgrading to the DHL/Express service - for a little extra, your order will be with you within a few days.


As always, if you would like further information, please email