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Writing helps.

Putting pen to paper helps us to organise our thoughts, remember our notes, and brings our dreams and ideas a step closer to reality.

A notebook can be a place for practicality and creativity - a place to store meeting notes, shopping lists and phone numbers, or a place to write a story, draw a picture or empty the mind.

At William Hannah Limited, we believe that writing helps, and so we set out to create the perfect writing experience – a notebook that could accompany you on your journey through life, providing a mix of inspiration and practicality that is as individual as you are.


For work, for play, for life; watch the William Hannah notebook video.

William Hannah notebook diagram

The Cover

We wanted a William Hannah notebook to last for many years, which made the choice of leather for the cover an obvious one.

There are many styles and textures to leather, but when you first feel the cover of your William Hannah notebook you will know that we made the right choice. We use an incredibly tactile leather, traditionally tanned in Italy, that ages beautifully. And, as the leather becomes softer and smoother over time, the scars and marks it picks up add even more character, make your notebook totally unique.

The Lining

We could have left it there, but we wanted something more – something that allowed you to reflect your personality, and so we lined the inside of the cover with a high quality Italian suede. The strong, vibrant colours we have chosen allow you to express a little bit of who you are, whether you choose a deep blue, a natural green or stunning pink.

Cover lining

The Mechanism

We considered many ways to hold and organise the pages in a William Hannah notebook, from the traditional level arch to the re-purposing of book- binding rivets. However, we took inspiration from a disc-binding method used for over 75 years, refining it and improving upon it to create the mechanism we use now.

The discs we use are engineered in the UK from 303 gauge stainless steel, so that they will last for decades and will never tarnish. We use that same stainless steel to hold the discs in place inside the cover – with unique modifications that provide stability and security, but with just enough movement to allow fluid page turning.

The result is a beautiful piece of engineering that means that pages can be added, moved and removed incredibly easily – allowing you to use the page layouts that are right for you, and arrange them exactly how you want.

William Hannah Notebook Mechanism

The Paper

Until now, every notebook has been a compromise – a beautiful outer is filled with just the wrong type of paper; a well-spaced line is great for writing, but doesn’t work well when we want to draw or doodle; a stitched spine falls nicely flat, but looks terrible when a page needs to be removed. That is why, when we created the William Hannah notebook, we made sure that the order of the pages inside every single notebook could be as unique as the person using it.

Smooth to write on, and with minimal bleed- through and feathering, the luxury 100gsm paper we use is selected to provide the perfect mix of strength, colour and texture.

We individually print every single page that goes into our notebooks, so that we can provide the perfect combination of line-colour, layout and page order for every single user. And of course, the disc-based mechanism we use means that you can change the order of your pages at any time.

William Hannah notebook papers

William Hannah

The Company

William Hannah Limited was founded to be different.

Just because “that’s the way everyone does it” doesn’t mean that’s how we do it. In many ways, it would have been easier to send a finished design to the Far East and have the notebooks mass produced with materials that were ‘good enough’. But we didn’t - we decided that we should make our notebooks in England.

We really listen to our suppliers, because they know more about their area of expertise than we do. We give them a brief, and then we simply let them get on with it, and we think that has given us something really special. The individuals who have helped us to build and market our Notebook have all made it better. They have all understood our core beliefs, and what we are trying to achieve, and have contributed their ideas and experience to help us to deliver the best notebook we possibly could.

The Future...

We hope that by using our notebooks, our customers will remember things a little easier, will be inspired to be little bit more creative, and will experience the positive benefits of writing something every day.

In the coming months, we will provide articles and blog posts which we hope will inform and inspire. We will provide packs of support pages - to-do-lists, simple planners and everyday templates - and more inspirational packs, full of writing ideas, colouring pages and goal-setting approaches.

Above all, we hope to build a supportive and inspirational community, one which will help us to fulfil our real mission - to make our customer’s lives a little better. How much better is up to you.

William Hannah Company