Banging my head on the desk...

David Round
Banging my head on the desk...

Banging my head on the desk...

In simple terms, these daily pages have 5 main steps :-

1. Have idea
2. Draft words
3. Write page
4. Photograph
5. Share

Steps 4 and 5 are pretty painless - I have done it so many times it’s almost automatic (technology permitting).

Step 3 is by far the most enjoyable - it is wonderfully mindful, bordering on meditative.

Step 2 lives on a scale from easy (when the words just flow) to challenging (when they really, really don’t), but it is always rewarding.

And Step 1 ?

There are days when the idea appears in a moment, and other days when it can only be dislodged by banging my head on the desk until it falls out.

Today the desk took a battering…

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