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Core Principle 8 - Model What You Can, Create What You Can’t

Core Principle 8 - Model What You Can, Create What You Can’t

If you simply copy what others have done, then a) you will struggle to learn how to create something new, and b) you will always be behind, because you can only copy what has been done, not what is being created right now. By the same token, if you keep trying to re-invent the wheel then a) you’re going to spend a lot of time riding around on square wheels, and b) a lot of basic stuff is going to take you way longer than it needs to.

As with most things in life, the secret is balance - model the behaviours and skills of those you respect, and combine them with what you know and learn, to create what doesn’t already exist.

In the words of Todd Henry, “Cover bands don’t change the world...”

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