Ideas Into Reality...

David Round
Ideas Into Reality...

Ideas Into Reality...

[Note : I talk about this more in the video below - and if you're reading this as an e-mail and the video doesn't show, click the link to read this post in your browser and it will magically appear.] 


We all have lots of ideas, but why do so few make the leap to reality ?

Here are five reasons :

1. We forget
2. It’s not a very good idea.
3. The time isn’t right.
4. Fear talks us out of it.
5. We don’t know how.

Number 1 is fixed by writing more things down, number 2 takes care of itself, number 3 just needs time (and the solution to number 1), and number 5 is easily resolved by asking Google.

But number 4 ? That’s the complex one, and the only way we’ll overcome it is by taking a deep breath and getting started…


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