My 3 words of 2018...

David Round
My 3 words of 2018...

My 3 words of 2018...

If I look back at my three biggest achievements in 2018, I can use one word to describe why I succeeded in each of them :

1. In losing over 35lbs I needed to do things differently from how I had ever done them before - I needed INNOVATION.

2. In relocating and strengthening my business I had to clearly visualise the outcome and align all of my effort into making it happen - I needed FOCUS.

3. In meditating, reading and exercising every single day of this year I had to make myself do what needed to be done even on the days when I had every reason not to - I needed DISCIPLINE.

Innovation. Focus. Discipline - my words of 2018, and interestingly, as I set my goals for 2019, it looks like I am going to need all three of them again.

So if you look back at your successes of 2018, what words would you use, and perhaps more importantly, what words will you need for 2019….?

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