Start when you are ready....

David Round
Start when you are ready....

Start when you are ready....

This time of year is great for reviewing past performance and getting started on future improvements, but to be honest, so are April 27th, August 18th and November 3rd.

Sure, New Year’s Day offers a great psychological start point for some types of goals (and makes checking how long you’ve been doing something a lot easier), but the day itself has no mystical properties to help you succeed.

Most of my 2019 goals are drafted, but some still need work in definition and many of them lack timescales.

And that’s OK, because it is better to embark on a properly defined goal next week, than to start out tomorrow on something wooly and vague and give up next Thursday.

If you are ready to go with your goals, then go, and don’t put off the work that needs to be done - but if a few more days of refinement and planning could mean the difference between success and failure, then January 6th is as good a day as any….

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